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This unit is sold as a kit, and includes:

  • The E-Z Check Dip-Stick riser and cap with dip-stick.
  • Floorboard hole pattern, and a metal floor board cover (smilier to the floor board battery cover.)


The Mitchell E-Z Check is a transmission dip-stick accessed from the floor board of the passenger side of the vehicle. No more removing floorboards, or crawling under the car to check your transmission fluid level! This dip-stick is a must have for every Model A owner that drives their vehicle. It’s as E-Z as removing the transmission fill plug and screwing in the riser, inserting the dip-stick in the cap cutting the floor board access hole, and installing the cover plate.

Many Model A’s are leaking transmission oil out through the splined output shaft of the transmission, and into the U-joint housing and torque tube without any indication of a leak. You could be running half full in the transmission and not know it because of the difficulty to get to and check transmission fluid levels.