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Mitchell Manufacturing

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In 1978 Mitchell Manufacturing began with the production of an overdrive for full size vehicles such as pickups and motor homes. Designed by owner Glenn Mitchell, this product was well received. It quickly gained popularity for its performance and superior quality.

In 1990 after 12 years of successful overdrive sales in the full size vehicle market, it appeared that many small vehicles needed the additional gearing provided by our auxiliary transmissions. At the time, Glenn built the smaller auxiliary transmission Model 1000 at 10,000 #GVW to use in smaller vehicles versus the Model 3500 that was rated at 35,000 #GVW. After a couple of years of production, the Model 1000 had proven itself as a usable tool in the auto industry.

One day, a couple of Model A enthusiasts passing by happened to notice our sign in front of our shop, and stopped by to take a look. After seeing the Model 1000, they decided that it needed to be converted for use in the “Model A.” This was the birth of the Mitchell Model A Overdrive.

After 2 years of continued success with the Model A Overdrive, Mitchell Manufacturing made the decision to offer the V8 enthusiast a chance to enjoy the benefits of an overdrive in their vehicle as well. Due to a show of interest from the V8 owners, Mitchell Manufacturing made the decision to provide an installation kit for 1932 to 1948 “V8’s.” This was accomplished with a few modifications to the front and rear torque tubes and shafts.

In 2000, Glenn made several attempts to rebuild his original Model A transmission using after-market parts. Not satisfied with the results, he along with his son, Steve Mitchell, put their heads together in an effort to design a set of gears for the Model A transmission. Their goal was to not only fit these new gears in the original transmission case, but also to incorporate the synchro assembly which they had been running successfully in the Mitchell Overdrive for 10 years. By using this synchro, they were able to synchronize 2nd and 3rd gear, and use the original housing. With 2nd and 3rd gears synchronized, double clutching is now a thing of the past. Model A shifting has never been easier, and is as easy and shifting a modern vehicle. Only the driver knows!

Mitchell Manufacturing is a family owned and operated business, located in Colusa, California. After the passing of the company’s founder, Glenn Mitchell, in March of 2007, his wife Sue Mitchell has continued to successfully keep the family business running smoothly with the help of her son, Steve and daughter-in-law Cyndi. Sue runs the office, taking orders, scheduling tours of the factory, as well as handling billing and customer service. Steve Mitchell is an accomplished gear cutter, welder and Machinist. Steve’s wife, Cyndi, oversees the programming and running of the CNC lathes and mills. Both Steve and Cyndi keep things running smoothly in the shop on a daily basis. Each overdrive and synchronized transmission is built personally by a Mitchell.